Camila {one year cake smash}

This was my first session back after maternity leave and it did not disappoint! Miss Camila turned one year old on the exact day of these photos, and I had such a blast capturing all of the special moments! I was asked if the grandparents could join in on the photos, and my immediate response was ABSOLUTELY!! In my opinion, the more the merrier! We were able to document so many fun memories from family portraits to the adorable cake (donut) smash.

Camila loves donuts, I mean who doesn’t right?! So, right on top of her cake sat a pink, frosted, jelly-filled donut. At first, she was a little hesitant, but after a few minutes she dove right in and gobbled it right up! She was so happy to be eating that donut and having all the people she loves clapping and cheering for her. What a special session it was, and I hope you enjoy looking at the photos just as much as I enjoyed capturing them!

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